… Paying the bill


You’ve just enjoyed a nice meal with your other half (or date), you’ve finished your drinks, and you make that universal, “Can we have the bill, please?” mid-air hand gesture to the waitress. Now, do you a) offer to pay? b) allow your other half to pay for the lot? Or c) go Dutch and pay your share?

We live in an era that craves equality. Millennials are seeking impartiality. Feminism is rife. And it goes without saying that not all men earn more than their partner – despite the infamous pay gap. Yet somehow, some women are wedged in a dated, bygone era – which greatly resembles their grandparents’ ‘courting’ days. They whole-heartedly believe their man should fund their “#foodporn” foodstagramming habit. But it’s 2017, and I disagree.

I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend in a full time university placement that pays well. It gives him the freedom to foot the bill most of the time (in spite of my protests, I might add). But I would never take this for granted and expect him to pay for every pizza, sandwich or pint I ever wished to consume. Before he was working, we wouldn’t think twice about splitting the bill wherever we went. Not once did I think, “Why should I have to pay for any of this?”, because why should he pay either?

A lot of women selfishly expect to be paid for, wherever they go – be it a first date, or your Friday night date night 3 years down the line. Sure, everyone likes to be treated to a nice meal out – and equally everyone likes to treat others – but relationships are a two-way street, where give and take by both parties contributes to a healthy, respectful relationship. If we are all so equal, then there should be no qualms that a woman can pay the bill too. No more “Bank of Boyfriend”.

Moral of the story… Time to adjust to the 21st Century.

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