… January


The month of the infamous ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra. The month of struggling to find free equipment at the gym. The month of encouraging internal monologues. Though, most notoriously, the month of the New Year’s resolution that by mid-January you’re waving goodbye to – glass of wine in hand with a mouthful of chocolate – despite your best intentions.

Aside from the clichés, the start of a new year really is a good time to start that thing you’ve been putting off for a while. Now the festivities of Christmas have passed and you’ve eaten enough pigs in blankets to last a lifetime, January gives you chance to think back to what you set out to do this same time last year.

Are you where you wanted to be? Or are you still hating that job you’ve threatened to quit a thousand times? Or still spending money like you’re Richard Branson.

All the New Year cynics can scream, “resolutions are just made to be broken,” all they want, but that’s why we should set realistic goals. Goals that we have a chance of reaching. What’s the point in expecting too much from ourselves, and setting ourselves up for failure, anyway?

This time next year, we should look back and be proud of what we’ve achieved. Even if dry January was more like dry 1st-5th Jan.

Moral of the story… Embrace the clichés because there’s no time like the present.

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