… Writing Again

Neglecting to write on this blog for such a long time has become a constant niggling annoyance in the back of my mind.

Always wanting to write something but life constantly getting in the way, is the bane of my life.

I have no real excuse. Except after a hectic end of third year of University, going straight into a full time job over summer, to going straight back to University to start my Masters, I didn’t even get chance to see my Mum let alone sit down and think about writing.

Now I’m studying journalism it seems ridiculous to keep up this longstanding feud with my writing capabilities. It is, after all, the career I aspire to. So expect more of the previous kind to come your way very soon.

Moral of the story… There are no excuses.

… Embracing criticism

Part of being a writer is accepting criticism – not as a negative, but as a positive, to help make your writing even better. Although I was writing long before posting anything on this blog, the fear of criticism was one of the reasons why it took me so long to make anything public. But since I’m going into a career where people will read and judge my opinions and writing on a daily basis, criticism is part and parcel – that’s something that took me a while to overcome.

We wouldn’t think twice about someone giving us advice about what to wear, what restaurant to eat at, or what to do when your boyfriend isn’t texting you back – so what makes writing any different? There is perhaps a stigma around the word ‘criticism’, mostly due to the word ‘critical’ sounding so serious and analytical. But someone giving you a bit of advice isn’t a personal attack on your character. It isn’t implying how awful your work already is, and that you should just give up now and go home. It’s most often suggesting how it can be made even better – who wouldn’t want that?

In order to get to the top, you have to accept the criticism even if you don’t agree. When we write something that we’re really proud of, we can get attached to it and would hate to cut it up, delete bits, or change it around. But our own opinions aren’t always right, and some things have to change.

Moral of the story… take it all on board.


Photo by Nilufer Gadgieva